Аviation ball

In the space of the Aeroclub House in Belgrade, after many years of planning, the Association members organize the First Aviation Ball as a pilot project, in order to, if successful, restore the tradition of holding these balls once a year, in the area where they were held in the building of the House before the war Aero Club – restaurant. The organization of the bale was immediately assisted by Jat Tehnika, Aerodrom “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade, Ministry of Defense and Army of Serbia and SMATSA Flight Control Agency. The Ball was attended by about 250 guests and participants, including as an honorary guest and princess Jelisaveta Karadjordjevic. Ball opened by the first woman civil aviation of Mirjana Cizmarov, and addressed the participants and congratulations to the organizers, she sent her assistant Mr. Zoran Ilic, Minister of Civil Engineering, Transport and Infrastructure in the Government of RS, Zorana Mihajlovic… The attendees evaluated the organization of the Ball very successful and members of the Association received congratulations and praise. Music program was performed by the Artistic Ensemble “Stanislav Binički” and Hor “Kantikum novum”, while the dance program was performed by members of several dance schools of the Association of Dance Organizations of Serbia. Part of the program was also the symbolic sale of the lottery, in order to divide the gifts of the daughters, who thus managed to enrich and help the organization of this Ball. Since the assessment of the idea, organization and response of guests to the Aviation Ball was at an enviable level, the Association firmly resolved that next year, in the same term and the same space, the Aviation Ball will again be organized.

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