Aeromiting Nis

During the final preparations for Aeromiting in Nis, the girls managed to make a formation of 7 women, but since the record was announced as a formation of 8 women, this could not be recognized. It was still tomorrow’s day – August 2 that the record was made at Aeromiting itself, but the weather situation did not allow that, so the jump was not performed.

Persistence won, and a great wish for all of us came true a few days later – on August 28, at the Batajnica airport. Since the remainder has been unused for another four years, from the approved military helicopter resource, it was agreed to try that day … The first jump went without the desired result, there were still three attempts! I ask Jelena, who is preparing to jump: “Jeco when you think you will be able to do it”, and she, with a smile, answered: “so now here” …. I believed her ….

Parachutes, trainers and cameramen boarded the helicopter, and all of us who stayed on the ground, not looking down from the sky, we held our thumbs, silenced and listened … and here it is … joyous screams from the sky were shed, you knew We have succeeded this time. The sky was so clear that with a naked eye at 3000 m we saw this short formation and a beautiful splash of colorful parachutes in the sky. It was an incredible moment when we all were eager to hug them and squeeze their hands! Heavenly heroines that broke the record on that day were: Jelena Mihajlović, Ana Vujčić, Svetlana Simić, Radmila Đurić, Milena Mirković, Maja Momčilović, Tijana Radić and Jelica-Eli Krajčeski.

On that same day, our Association also received 3 brave girls – the first women of the Serbian Army pilots: Sandra Radovanovic, Anja Krnet and Ana Tadic, and on that occasion they handed them membership cards and one book by Ljudmila Jovanovic, “Women flyers of Yugoslavia”, otherwise the first and honorary president of our Association.

Coach Nebojša Jandrić-Džimi, who was always with the girls and provided them with the necessary advice and assistance, and in coordination with the secretary and the president of the Association, all organizational assistance on the relation Vojska – Udruženje did his job very well. In addition to him, there were parachute-cameras Dimitrije Dadic, Jovan Djokic-Joca, Boris Vukadinovic-Mrav and Uros Mitrovic-Urke. A professional trial was also conducted by the woman-member of the Association, Madam, Ana Segedinski, national judge and former female paratrooper.
All the jumps were followed by Stevan Šašić, President of the Commission for the Parachuting of the VSS, who was part of the professional team of the record.
We are grateful to the Serbian Armed Forces – the VPVO command, which provided helicopter and logistical support, and, of course, to Batajnica Airport Commander, General Predrag Bandic and his associates, without whose support and help this entire action could not be implemented.
We also send gratitude to the Paragliding Commission of the Serbian Aeronautical Association, associates of this campaign for professional and marketing assistance! text: Suzana Dimić, secretary of UZLS.

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